Reputation Management: International Charity

We were asked by a UK based charity to carry out the following investigative reputation management project on one of their members of staff:

The Case:

There was concern about an individual employee that was potentially acting inappropriately with children.  We conducted the following investigation:

  • Investigate what information was publicly available on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about the employee’s interaction with young people (male or female) which might point towards or away from them being a risk
  • Dark Web Threat Intelligence investigation to identify if the employee was involved in any nefarious activities


  • The suspect checked into a hotel at the same time as a child
  • There were pictures of the employee and a child in the hotel room on Facebook
  • The suspects name was found on a Tor site (dark web) that is associated with “child sexual exploitation”

All information was shared with the charity and appropriate action was taken by them following the results.