Why Clarifyi?

Deb Leary
Deb Leary OBE, CEO

Clarifyi is the latest brand created by the award-winning company Forensic Pathways. Forensic Pathways is an award winning internationally focussed company specialising in innovative solutions and services in the forensics and intelligence arena and is led by Deb Leary, OBE, who herself has a 20 year pedigree of awards and success in forensic intelligence and business. Not to mention her striking resemblance to doyenne of British theatre, TV, film and everyone’s favourite ‘M’ Judi Dench!

2020 was the perfect time to collate all the threat intelligence services that Forensic Pathways offered into one distinctive brand. The Covid Pandemic has highlighted the incredible vulnerability of business; a vulnerability from both external and internal threats.  In addition, the most vulnerable in society have also been further endangered.  

Clarifyi was born from a desire to make knowledge accessible.  To demystify threat intelligence and let people focus on their issue rather than having to learn to understand threat intelligence, the acronyms, and tech speak.

‘It’s all about the story.

It’s our job to help you understand what your story is.  Where are the gaps in your knowledge? What is the all the information, the data, the discussions, the chat telling you?

My academic background is in English Language and Literature.  The rules of storytelling apply equally to forensic investigation and intelligence.  What are the silences in the story? What are the gaps in the story (ie the gaps in your knowledge?)  How much are you relying on your own life experiences to try and understand what is happening rather than having the ability to avoid confirmation bias and look beyond your own experience?

Our mission is to take you beyond what you know, beyond your own experience and fill the gaps in your expectations and your knowledge.

‘Mind the gap’ is never more true than when dealing with human behaviour.’

Chief Executive Officer

Our goal with Clarifyi is to simplify threat intelligence. We investigate the murky world of the Open and Dark Web to identify brand and data compromise so that you don’t have to. We adopt a forensic approach to threat intelligence, identifying compromised data that is on the Dark Web for a range of UK and international businesses. Clarifyi monitors social media channels to track what customers, clients, employees and the industry at large is discussing about a company online. Such sentiment analysis is essential when managing an organisations brand reputation.

In addition we work to support law enforcement in cases affecting our most vulnerable, from Child Exploitation to Drug trafficking, human trafficking and wildlife crime

Why is our client base so wide?  Because we are focused on people and their behaviours and the waves that they create by the actions that they take.

Why work with us?

Clarifyi is the latest offshoot of an already successful business that has nearly 20 years innovation and development experience. Our internally developed threat intelligence platform has been built from the ground up over the last 6 years by experts who have the skills to uncover data on the Open and dark web. To date, the platform has already indexed over 30 million unique URL’s on the Dark Web and coupled with our forensic investigative pedigree, provides an enhanced visualisation into the potential cyber risk that businesses face. This service is complementary to preventative breach mitigation tools and systems that your business may have already invested in.

Our heritage

For those that don’t know, Forensic Pathways is an award-winning company that develops innovative technologies and products in the criminal and business intel arena. Some of these products have even appeared on popular criminal forensic television programmes including Silent Witness and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). For further information on our parent company please take a look at: www.forensic-pathways.com