Digital Footprint Investigation for High Profile Actress

We were engaged by the legal team working on behalf of a high profile celebrity client to conduct a cyber audit/digital footprint of what information was accessible about them across the internet and dark web. 

The Case:

To ascertain what information was publicly available about the client which might compromise their security or create other risks especially around breaches of privacy, harassment or similar. The cyber audit/digital footprint included identifying:

  • Personal information i.e. contact details and other private information (Open, Social, Dark Web)
  • Publicly available information that may compromise the client’s security
  • Searches to include publicly available images which might be compromising
  • Similar searches against any linked individual – Partner, Ex-Partner, Parents, Siblings


No compromising images/personal information were found online for the actress.

We recommended the following:

  • Ongoing monitoring of social media and news media
  • Cyber security physical audit – identifying physical digital vulnerabilities
  • Protecting yourself online training