Executive Impersonation

Discover the info being used
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The Challenge


of cyber attacks use social engineering


of attacks on social media are successful


of cyber attacks involve phishing

Social Engineering is all about gaining the details so that it entices as many people as possible to do what the hacker wants. 

It so much easier for criminals now as we are in a society that like to share. People: 

  • Store sensitive or confidential information digitally
  • Share this information on several social media platforms 

without taking the necessary steps to secure these from criminal predators. The risk of this information being compromised, can have severe reputational consequences for organisations and individuals alike.

Executive Impersonation Illustration

The Solution

Online impersonation is widespread, where:

  • Fake social media accounts are created
  • Website domains are spoofed 
  • Accessible information is used to create convincing phishing content

Clarifyi conduct detailed forensic investigations to identify:

  • Illegitimate accounts                      
  • Information on people that is not true 
  • Where security could be improved by your staff

Online Reputation Management

In today’s world reputations can be defined by the information that remains available on the internet about you.

Clarifyi conduct detailed forensic investigations into the online presence of a person or company that is encountering difficulties due to inaccurate or dated content. 

The lawyers will then advise what content can legally be removed. Enabling a truthful representation on the internet.

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